Driver: UP100

The virtual Maldonado. Driving quickly at times. Crashing out at times.

Career Statistics



Holds moderating powers on one or more of Codemasters community areas.

PC Season 3 Champion (Champion)

After losing the season 2 championship in the final race of the season, UP100 thought he may not be able to ever win a championship. With a poor performance in the season opener USAGP, where UP100 only scored four points, it didn't look like this would be his season. Especially as his title rival, Mr-Z-e-r-o, proved to be far too quick compared to him.

Despite winning the second round of the season, having just scored 4+25+8 points after the first three races, UP100's championship challenge was looking far from great. All were to change, though, as UP100 would only finish outside of the top three once in the remaining nine races. Coming into the final race of the season, UP100 was once again 14 points ahead of his championship rival Mr-Z-e-r-o after UP100 had won three races in a row. Due to Mr-Z-e-r-o boycotting the final race of the season due to the driving standards in the Spanish GP, UP100 was crowned a champion for the first time.

PC Season 4 Champion (Champion)

Despite not being the fastest driver on the grid, UP100 and kisuke were once again battling for the championship, as many of the faster drivers only participated in a small number of the races. UP100 was able to claim four wins and the championship, with the final win coming in the season's final, and championship deciding, race.

PC Season 2 Constructors' Champion (Constructors' Championship Driver)

Much like the first season, the season 2 Constructors' Championship was also won by a driver pairing. Championship contenders kisuke and UP100 were able to clinch the championship to Red Bull with over 100 points to the team in second place.

PC Season 4 Constructors' Champion (Constructors' Championship Driver)

Unlike the past Constructors' Champions, the Ferrari team had a rather often changin cast of drivers. Five in total, with four of them scoring points for the team.

The Beginning (Veteran)

Participated in the first ever Forum Championship race!

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