Driver: kisuke_CROW

Career Statistics


PC Season 2 Champion (Champion)

Known as one of the most mistake-free drivers of the league, kisuke had been challenging for the championship from the start. Although being 14 points behind the championship leader going into the final race of the season, kisuke kept his head down and was able to capitalize while his championship rival suffered a retirement. With his championship rival out of the game, kisuke would've won the championship just by finishing third. This wasn't enough, as kisuke's mistake-free driving once again came in handy when the safety car came out on the last few laps. Thanks to the penalties of the leading two, kisuke was promoted first. Winning the race, and the championship alongside it.

PC Season 2 Constructors' Champion (Constructors' Championship Driver)

Much like the first season, the season 2 Constructors' Championship was also won by a driver pairing. Championship contenders kisuke and UP100 were able to clinch the championship to Red Bull with over 100 points to the team in second place.

The Beginning (Veteran)

Participated in the first ever Forum Championship race!

Race History

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