Driver: kisuke_CROW

Career Statistics


PC Season 2 Champion (Champion)

Going into the final race of the season, kisuke_fly was 14 points behind his teammate and championship leader UP100. A gap which seemed somewhat impossible to catch up as neither driver had retired during the length of the season. The Japanese GP proved to be different. After going off the track, a driver on his outlap rejoined the track straight in the path of UP who was on his first flying lap. One collision later UP would be left in the barriers, without a time, while kisuke_fly qualified third.

With UP starting from P15, kisuke's championship dreams looked significantly more possible than previously thought as he only needed to finish 3rd if UP would be unable to score any points. Turns out, UP wouldn't be able to score any points as he crashed out of the race on the first few laps after losing the control of his car. Kisuke on the other hand was flying, with his fastest lap being the second fastest lap of the race (Fastest Lap: Neil Bywater, P8 finish). Without any incidents, he was going to win the championship... but that wasn't enough. Thanks to a late safety car and kisuke's mistake-free driving, he finished first, clinching the championship on his home ground.

The Beginning (Veteran)

Participated in the first ever Forum Championship race!

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