PC Season 7 Final Standings


The EA Forum Championship PC Season 7 has been concluded after the season finale was held in Australia on 2022.09.23.

Congratulations to kimirai for winning the Drivers' Championship!

and congratulations to Ferrari (kimirai, Philbozzzz, Rainz) for winning the Constructors' Championship!

The EA Forum Championship will now enter a short break in which the next season will be planned while taking opinions of the participants into account. There will be more news in the upcoming days, and possibly a survey for current and former participants to fill. The plan for the next season, and for the league in general will be shared on https://cmfc.3110.xyz at a not yet established date.

If you have any suggestions, please voice them in the Discord or directly to UP100.

Thank you everyone for participating once again!
Full standings can be found Here