About a Disqualification of a Driver


It has been announced that a driver has been disqualified from the PC Forum Championship Teams Championship. This announcement has been created as the disqualification will affect the standings going into the final round of the season.

In order to be as safe as possible with the season calculations, the feature used to disqualify the specified driver is to ignore his disqualified performances from all statistics calculations. This has previously been used in some races, including the PC Forum Championship Season 3 Italian GP.

The driver will be shown in the race results, but the position and points are awarded for the driver that finished behind the ignored driver. Due to this implementation, the points have been reassigned and the season standings have changed. This means that the gaps between the teams may have changed by 1-2 points. Apologies for the inconvenience.

The final round of the season is to be held on this Friday. Despite dropping outside of the top 7 teams, Reghinald will be allowed to participate as the disuqalification has affected the team's points negatively.

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